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Welcome To Head Start!

Jumpstart Your Child's Education with RCS Head Start Pre-K!

RCS Head Start has proudly served children and their families for 45 years! We continuously strive to promote school readiness for children in low-income households by providing them with an open seat to quality preschool education. Our program focuses on the development of young children by creating enriching learning experiences that support the whole child's emotional, intellectual, physical, and social development. Our classrooms deliver a safe and nurturing environment where children can feel more at ease while preparing for a kindergarten classroom setting.


What sets us apart from other facilities is that our services do not end with your child’s education. Our mission is to provide parents with the proper tools and resources needed to help them ensure their family's safety and success. Tools such as finding employment, housing, achieving educational goals, money management, etc. It is our hope that the families who may need these services are able to positively utilize and beneficially gain from them in order to become better advocates for their children.

Our Community: We are currently funded to serve about 25% of the Head Start eligible children in our service areas overall.

Our Classrooms: The average class size is 18, leaving the child/staff ratio at 1:9. This enables our educators to spend more quality time and individualized care for each child. 

Our Services: We offer comprehensive child and family services including screening and follow-up in the areas of health (including dental, medical & mental health), social services, parent involvement, and education.

RCS Head Start serves Randolph & Alamance Co. with a total of 6 locations!

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