Internet Safety

Technology and Your Child

Internet Safety for Kids

Two Friends with a Tablet

Parents/Guardians: Use this as a guide to expand the meaning of internet safety to your children based on their developmental level.  

The internet can be fun, with a lot of places to visit. You can play games. You can learn about many interesting subjects. You can chat with your friends. But the internet can also be a dangerous place for kids. Never use a computer without permission from your parent, or teacher. Make sure the adult stays nearby to answer questions and help keep you and your computer safe. Only go to websites that your parent or teacher say is OKAY. Never talk to someone you don’t know. If someone says anything mean, frightening, hurtful or makes you feel sad or bad, tell an adult right away. Never give anyone on the internet your name, phone number, or address. Never tell anyone on the internet where you go to school. Never send anyone your picture. Remember if you see something that makes you feel sad or bad tell your parent or teacher right away.

Rules to Follow

* Protect Your Computer: Never download software or games without permission from your parent or teacher.    Some downloads can contain viruses that can cause serious harm to your computer and network. 

* Protect Your Privacy: Never give out private information about yourself. Private information is your real name, nickname or initails, your address or phone number, where you go to school, or pictures of you. Also never share your password, even with your best friend.

* Protect the Privacy of Others: You shouldn't share other's private information either. Private information of others such as where your parents work or their credit card information, or what school your neighbor teaches at or their address.

* Always be Polite: Never use bad words, say mean things or spread rumors or lies. Never answer a message that makes you feel uncomfortable. Show the message to your parent or teacher right away. 

* Beware of Contects, Clubs, Prizes and Gifts: Always ask permission from your parent or teacher before you enter a contest, join a club, accept a prize or gift, or buy anything.

* Beware of Strangers: The person you are chatting with may not be telling the truth. Say NO! if someone asks to meet you in person, asks to call you on the phone, or asks for your picture. If someone asks any of these things DON'T WAIT tell your parent or teacher right away.