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Internet Safety

Let’s face it: Children today are total geniuses. We thought we were truly something learning how to code for our Myspace page back in the day, but the truth is, our children are just far more tech-savvy! Whether it be your tiny human that LOVES to watch YouTube on your phone (while also ignoring your calls) or your pre-teen that plays Roblox, relentlessly...It is never too early to educate them on the importance of internet safety.

* Protect your device: Never download and/or purchase software or games without permission from your parent or teacher. Some downloads can contain viruses that can cause serious harm to your computer/device and network. 

* Protect Your Privacy: Never give out private information about yourself. Private information can be considered your whole name, nickname or initials, your address or phone number, where you go to school, or pictures of yourself.


* Protect the Privacy of Others: Never share any private information of others. This can be your friends, parents, relative, etc.

* Always be Polite: Never use bad words, say mean things or spread rumors or lies. Never answer a message that makes you feel uncomfortable. Show the message to your parent or teacher right away. 

* Beware of Strangers: The person you are chatting with may not be telling the truth. If someone asks to meet you in person, asks to call you on the phone, or asks for your picture. SAY NO! And notify your parent or teacher right away. ​

* Browsing the internet can be a great way to conduct research. However, it is so very important to know how to utilize it correctly. Never click on unknown links, pop ups, etc., to ensure that you are not redirected to a harmful website. 

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